Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Tuesday and Wednesday!

Tuesday ::

It was Kok Chun's Birthday today! and Well, me and my friends planned a surprised birthday party for him! and here's the plan...We pretended to forget his birthday and said we are going to do farewell for Kelvin as he is not continuing his Sem 2 (of course it's a lie haha). MY IDEA!! hahaha and errrrrr so me, Evelyn and Kelvin went Tesco to buy the stuffs for that night at 2pm ! We did steamboat yesterday at our hostel! =] After Tesco, we went to fetch Yee Fung and then went to buy HIS cake and later on backed to my house to take something and then went to buy ice! and we 4 started to tidy up the hostel since it was err dirty?! haha after tidying up...we started to prepare the foods for the steamboat! and after we get prepared..we were so darn TIRED + sleepy too! haha so we waited for Kok Chun, the Birthday Boy to reach. We started steamboating after he reach and we pretend that we will MISS Kelvin cause he's not going continue Sem 2 haha and after eating...we lied Kok Chun to go down with Kelvin them to throw rubbish(so we only have the chance to take out the cake to surprise him). Well, we surprised him with the cake when they were back. But not really success! haha Whatever! at least we do surprise him a bit! xD Took pictures with self timers! haha They all went home around 10pm while me, Kelvin, Fu Sheng and Elvin went Gurney. Fetched Sam while we were on the way there. Went for pool! err Fu Sheng, Elvin and Sam were the ones who's playing! while me and Kelvin were there TALKING and see them playing pool! xD Backed home around 1130pm! Tired but had fun! =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOK CHUN!!


Kelvin and Me
EvelynThe FoodsThe Emo Bboy, Yee Fung! xDxDKelvin! darn good la him! hahahEvelynKelvinSee their boring faces! we were waiting for the rest to come!Thomas and Me

Us.During steamboat!

Lied Kok Chun to go down~!
He washed the dishes after steamboat!
His Cake
Blurr! but i like it! xD Obviously, He's HAPPY hahaWishing hard! xD
Cut the Cake!Bite it! xDSeriously, he's LUCKY to have us! haha
The Guys with the Birthday Boy! ALL TOGETHER
Elvin, Kelvin and Fu Sheng. i like them! hahaThomas and Yee Fung (my fake darling)
Fu Sheng's sweeping the floor?!?! omgg!! hahaSamuel, Fu Sheng and Elvin playing pool! LOL
Wednesday ::

Woke at 1pm today! haha i know i know, it's late! but i can't help with it lerh! cause I'm so darn tired these few days! Went to fetched Elvin, Fu Sheng and Kok Foo at Botanical Garden! They had no car to drive cause Elvin put his car keys in Samuel's car! Went Sri Ananda for our lunch while waiting for Sam to finish his class. After lunch...we don't know where to i just drive them around LOL You know what? Fu Sheng and Elvin seriously very 'qiu zen'! they played with my car sticker and also touched everything in my car!! LOL Went down from Tanjung Bungah to KDU to fetch Sam and Damien. Fu Sheng drives my car this time! haha I said a lot of wrong things and being perli by them till...OMG forget about it! Went Sam's house to get back Elvin's car keys and then dropped Damien home and then Fu Sheng. Fetched Elvin back to Botanical Garden to get his car back haha I went home after that! and then I'm forced to eat my tom yam fried rice which it's meant to be my LUNCH. LoL Never mind, i might as well as take it as my dinner and lie my parents that I'm still FULL so don't need to buy me dinner! =D

Took this while I'm waiting for THEM to come down

Monday, September 28, 2009

Skating + Shopping!

Before going Queensbay! =]
Went Queensbay to skate today! I didn't skate for long long time ad! At least i didn't fall! LoL Luckily i still remember how to skate =] Skate till 6pm i think! then we went for our dinner at Johnny's! we were hungry + thirsty after the long skating period! Then we started to do our shopping later! hahaha i LOVE some dress + tops from Forever 21! haha and we went some other shops too! hmm later on, we went for ice-cream at Hokaido and Mcd for drinks.Went back around 10pm! Fetched Evelyn home and back my home. Saw my room was SO messy, so i started to tidy up my room before my dad starts to nag me about it AGAIN!! hahaa

Shan HuiEvelynJing JietShan Hui & MeEvelyn & Shan HuiEvelyn & MeI'm skating! hahaWe girls! =]We girls started to cam whoring in the toilet!
Saya Curi Tangkap mereka! xD
I LIKE THESE DRESS! from Forever 21! =]
Us in Fittings Room(Forever 21 and Padini)Was on the phone with FuSheng hahaha im VAIN i know! xD