Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hate the feeling of being

Monday, September 20, 2010

Working life

10 - 12 Sept 2010
This is the day i 1st work in my whole 19 years life!

work for Maxis @ Queensbay
under dealer, Cable Master
the boss is so GOOD!

Knew a few friends there
Quite fun,
but when there is no sales,
felt paise! teehee

And thanks, my friends,
who came and accompany me to have my lunch & dinner!
i you all!


18 - 19 Sept 2010
my 2nd time working!

Work at Gurney for P1max
with Evelyn, Wendy and my little bro!

Knew some friends there too
they are so funny and nice! =)

we used the webcam to take =)

some of the working friends:

JH, Deanne & me
JH and me

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Out with dearest!

i ♥ this top!

Went Queensbay with Cecilia for SHOPPING! haha
it's always fun and nice shopping with her! =)

i her
*with flash*
*without flash*
We love this milk tea! hahah
but of course, we PREFER Hong Kong or Come Buy one more!
hahah cause it was DOPE!!

One Busy Day

Went Redbox with Wendy, Evelyn, Shan Hui, Fu Sheng & Kok Chun today.

3 of us

Evelyn, Kok Chun and Fu Sheng went home earlier.
Thus, me, Wendy & Shan Hui went to have our dinner in Winter Warmers.
We headed to 7 Bistro after our dinner to drink,
as our Shan Hui very gen drink! LOL
We spend our time talking there
It's been awhile since we last gather to talk and share =)

It's me with the Tiger beer =)
Shan Hui
Do Re Mi!
*ps: i drank only 1 cup, they both drank 2cup plus! =P
This VAIN + SIAO cha bo!

After drinking, Shan Hui left for movie with her friend,
Wendy joined back with Fu Sheng
while me,
i went to attend HK's surprise BBQ birthday party!

@ Paradise Beach

Zi Quan, Franco & Alvin
me & Franco
Fred & me
Liang & Frederick
say PEACE! haha

The cake
The Birthday Girl, HK
Group Photo
Jump everyone! =)

i had fun to the max tonight!
i feel bad,
as i ppk-ed the another 2 gathering..
cause i only can choose 2 out of 4.
so, SORRY! =(

.The End.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


For me, it sucks, the songs was like, SUPER DOWN! =S
i prefer Mois more!
but the base is nicer at Voodoo. =)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Boys!

When I'm on the way there
& get stuck in a traffic jam.

Happy Birthday, Guys! =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wen Min's Farewell ♥

i know it's late, but nevermind lah,
it's better to be late than never, right? haha

Went Gurney with Wei Ling and Sam to meet up with
Wen Min, Zi Qi, Jeffrey, Pikying & Guan Chuan.
Headed to Crepe Cottage to have our dinner.

WOW, it takes super long time for our foods to be served! super down + hungry!

Our Main Course
Dessert is ♥

Bee Gnoh and Chyi Jiun joined us later!
long time didn't see them ad! =)

All of us! ♥

After dinner, they went home while
me, Wen Min, Wei Ling, Pikying, Sam & Gc went to have burger
@ hillside! ♥
Went home after burger!