Friday, January 29, 2010

hmm another busy week again! =D

Sunday ::
Went Tesco to buy groceries again~ =D Lunch at Pizza Hut there. Tesco doesn't have much restaurant to let me choose. =/ hmm so darn freaking full! and Bought a camera today! haha bought Canon IXUS 100IS, the red one! the same model as my Black one! but nevermind, i like the camera! haha and during the night, had argument with my dad. i hate the feeling. whatever.don't feel like saying it here =/

This is the black one i got few months before!
The new one! nice?haha the black one or the red one is nicer?! any idea?
Monday ::
Skipped Economics class just to go Gurney to have a surprise Birthday Party for my beloved Pik Ying! see how good am i! HAHA we went Sakae to celebrate her birthday and movie after that! but i didn't join them for the movie, cause i need to attend my maths class! ponteng once, terus FAIL! the maths is so tough! ='( The Sakae's waiter are so darn freaking stupid! =S they brought the cake out with the box! WTH! there goes the birthday cake's surprise! =/

The cake! nice?
All of us =D
The Girls !
Ai Hsin, Me, Zi QiPik Ying, Zi Qi & Me
HAHA i LMAO when he's eating WASABI! thanks to me! i forced him to eat!
Like a kiddo! =D

Finally, my Tarcian friends had finish their exams! so, i went out with them during the evening! We went northam beach to have my dinner with Kok Chun, Evelyn, Wendy, Shan Hui, and Joanne.
The views from Northam Beach! NICE!
After dinner, we went Gurney for movie! Thomas joined us later. we wanna watch Carriers at 1st, but we were late for the ...we watched case39! Not bad lerhh the show! haha crazy her, or u might say HIM? haha but still, Orphan is nicer!

Wendy and Me *loves*
Kok Chun and MeWe both again hahaThomas acting CUTE !! HAHA
Then i went to meet up with Fu Sheng, Kelvin, Ee Nee at Sunrise Mcd with Kok Chun after our movie! Samuel and Damian is there too. It's been quite some time when i last saw them haha

Kelvin is addicted to i-touch ad haha
Fu Sheng, do your maths! =P
Later on, Kelvin went to fetch Wendy, Evelyn and Shan Hui and we meet up at Torch! but torch is closed! so we went to 7-11 to buy beer and went to beach to chill till 4 i think. I GOT CLASS & TEST AT 8 tomorrow! so i went home earlier. gai gai gai!

Tuesday ::
Late for class! but not really late lahh! 5 minutes or lesser! haha took my Account test with my stim stim condition! hmmm Finished the exam and i went dim sum with my classmates! dim sum, so nice! =D Back to college to attend our class. and skipped my Moral class just to go Redbox with Kok Chun, Thomas, Evelyn, Wendy and Shan Hui.
Shan Hui, Me, Evelyn and Wendy
After Redbox, we went to watch "The Spy Next Door" without Kok Chun and Thomas. They went home earlier! i dropped them back to hostel and i went to Bed to meet up Jason, Xia Wei, Kenneth. I went home earlier that day. cause i cannot stand the stupid mosquitoes! ishh

Wednesday ::
had my Moral test today. i don't know a thing! wth!! hmmm went Little Cottage for dinner and to surprise Nicole for her birthday! The 1st thing she said when she saw us, "OMG, why are you all here?!" haha
Her Birthday Gift From Us ! =D
All of us~
The GirlsWith Zhu Lian
Went Torch after dinner and we ordered Tiger Beer and celebrated her birthday there! Zhu Lian bought the Butterscotch cake for her! I'm sure she enjoyed herself that night! haha

Nicole's cake
Nicole & Me
The 2 Leng Lui =DElvin, Kelvin & Fu ShengSamuel Chuah and his pose again! LOLDamian. he looked happy!Me, Damian, Kelvin and Samuel playing Chor Tai Di =D
While they played pool! LOLNicole and the girlsNicole & the guys
Samuel and his mohawk ! LOLElvin & Kelvin!

Later on, we went Mois! LoL
for me & Nicole, it was like really unplanned plan! LoL

Dark, but i still like this =D
Nicole Me Kelvin
Kelvin and Me
Damian & MeThe boys
Thursday ::
Class at 8am! my friends were so surprise to see me attending the 8AM class! LoL they thought i will be overslept. The weather today is so DARN FREAKING HOT! damn! feel like killing people that day! LOL after class i went to watch Legion! haha those weirdo are so gerli! =P Waffle + ice cream that night! yummy! Then i went PSC with my brothers and Cecilia to sing! and dinner there too.

Friday ::
class till 1pm! go back and SLEEP! had a serious headache due to insufficient sleep for the whole week! slept at 3am,4am,5am and wake at 7.30am! =S woke up and receive many miss calls from my classmates! call back and they asked me to go movie with them and i rejected due to my just-wake-up-mood! and the jam-ness around my housing area! =S stay in the house for the whole day... and then I REGRETTED! so darn freaking SIEN!