Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Day + Friends Outing =]

Lunch with my family after our houseworks! We went Time Square to have our lunch! Went a restaurant named Heaven Delights. Food there is quite not bad. They serve buffet there too. After lunch we went to the flea market and looked around. Then, i drove to the library to meet up with my classmates! and i don't even know why i should be going there as i reached at 4.50pm and the library closed at 5.30pm! THANKS to Evelyn ! She forced me to go! =P Went time square again with my classmates and went to find wendy as she is working there! i so wu xim! wahahha Hanged around for awhile and saw Yee Fung! so excited! haha We forced him to show us his breakdance move! YENG la him! Kelvin fetched Evelyn and Rou Yi back home and dropped Elvin and me to get our cars at the library! and guess what when we reached library?! i made a DARN STUPID mistake! i FORGET to get my car keys and purse back from Evelyn!! i was like...omg!! what the hell! damn it! and i felt damn paise and sorry cause they need to fetch me to get back my car keys from Evelyn! SORRY, Elvin and Kelvin! and also THANKS a lot! hehe Went dinner with them at Old Town White Coffee, New World Park! Talked, joked and shared a lot of things together! great to have them as my friends! =] Backed home around 10pm! Had fun today! and SAD i did not touch my books today! Finals is on Thurs! D-I-E

The front and back view =]The lamp! i like! LOLQuite pack with peoples.nice design!

The Menu
Dad and Mom
me and my little brother
Our green tea! hahaCurry Fish HeadChoy Heong TofuFried Chicken. The Sauce made by using Dragon Fruit
Shark's Fin Soup =]

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Study day =]

Library again! Well, my exam is around the corner and I'm not well prepare yet! gai! i went with Kok Chun, Yee fung and Thomas. Evelyn, Fu Sheng, Elvin, Nicole, Zhu Lian came later. We studied until the library closed! Had fun studied together! =] Went Time Square, White House Coffee for my lunch with Kok Chun and Thomas cause the rest of them had thier lunch before they went to the library! Spent 1 hour to get there, ordered, wait for the food to be served, eat, pay and get back to library!
The MenuThe lampOur DrinksBill!Thomas and Kok ChunChicken Fillet Cheese Bake RiceRamen with Fried Chicken and EggTomyam NoodlesThomas! act cute in my car!Kok Chun !me !

Friday, August 28, 2009

Dim Sum! yummy =]

Went QS lecture today, and planned to go 中华小厨 for dim sum! haha the dim sum there is NICE hahah go and try it if you have the chance especially for the prawn lovers! We LOVE to go there for the egg tart, and the fried salad prawn! hmmm oh yeah, they still offer 50% off to all the dim sum until 4pm! so, it's not that expensive lerh! hehe After dim sum, me, Wendy and Evelyn went to study in 1-stop's McD ! Elvin and Fu Sheng came to kacau us for awhile! like that also shiok! swt nee! Backed to Wendy's hostel around 7pm and she made dinner for us! yum yum! she made sandwich with egg + ham! We on9-ed awhile and started our group study when Fu Sheng and Chee Kai reached their hostel! Not long enough, Fu Sheng started to tell ghost story! creepy! Evelyn was so useless laa! she's so scare! tsk tsk tsk! Went back at 11.54pm with Fu Sheng accompany me! haha at least there's someone with me, i will not SCARE after hearing those real + creepy + scary ghost story haha Thanks, Fu Sheng ! LOL
Being stalked
Our 'Kek Hwa' =]Egg tart! Love this! Fried Salad Prawn =] darn nice!
Our desserts!Being Stalked again! haha i'm cooling my kek hwa!WendyEvelynSeriously, i don't know eve capture this when im on9-ing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Outing + Group Study

Today i skipped my QS class...hmm LAZY laaa haha since i need to get my dog back from the grooming centre, so i decided to bring Evelyn, Wendy, Shan Hui and Yee Min down to town area to have our dinner! Due to some reasons, i need to get back home 1st before our dinner. So my besties started to cam whoring in my living room and also in my room when im taking my bath!guess what?Wendy even took picture with my FISHES haha hmm we went a coffee shop nearby red rock hotel to have our dinner. We ordered seafood to share! After our dinner, we went Island Plaza's Starbuck to have our group study again! 5 of us with Fu Sheng, Chee Kai, Elvin, Nicole and also Zhu Lian! We studied until 12am! me, Elvin and Chee Kai went to try out Fu Sheng's car with his woofer on! haha NICE, the feeling is nice! LOL loud but not irritating!! =]
Evelyn and meiguana wendy and meWendy, Yee Min, Evelyn, Min YenSEE !! she's in love with my fishesi LIKE this! xDtaken in my living room!see! sleep also can vain! aiks2 siao cha bor playing with my blanket!! xDEvelyn is so CRAZY hahashan hui sleep on my chair!this is nice!pangang fish! =]
evelyn and me! before our group study start!Chocolate Frappuccino + Choc Chips( MINE! )
i LIKE this! xDHalzenut Latte (Shan Hui's)Java Chips (Elvin's)Chocolate Cream Chips (wendy,eve and yeemin share)