Wednesday, October 28, 2009

S5H Class Gathering

Went Gurney with Wendy after our class today. Meet up with Zi Qi and PikYing. We went shopping, that's what we always do. xD Class gathering starts at 7pm. From Coffee Island, we change to Faces due to renovation. Heavy downpour today, was like totally wet once we get out from my car. oh yeah, i miss my high school friends and those nice old days~ =D Had fun joking, updating each another and taking pictures just now.

Pictures in Gurney with my best friends ::
Me in sunnies =D
Me n PikYing
BFF ! i love SERIOUSLY LOLZiQi n Me. *hugs*

i LIKE this

Pictures during the gathering ::
Group Photos =D

Wendy LeeMing MinYen
couple couple haha
PikYing Me ChyiJiun * loves*
4 of us! BFF
3 best friends =]
yeng huh?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hmm..Tuesday =D

This is the handbag WeiLing help my mom to buy at UK.
Thanks ling! and enjoy your Paris trip =D
Nice or not?i choose one! haha LV is so darn expensive la!
Went college for class & lecture as usual. Well, every Tuesday i have 3 hours break. sometimes I'm sick with it, cause it's too long and i got nothing to do. Today, i went lunch and Gurney during our 3hours break with Evelyn, Wendy, Kok Chun, Thomas, Yee Fung. Went Gurney cause wanna buy presents for Kok Chun's gf but we have no luck with it. Went back college for our lecture at 3pm. After lecture, i went back to their hostel and took a nap. DARN TIRED! Then we went for Tomyam noodle/porridge at Raja Uda, Butterworth. Waited for long, we were starving, and luckily the food was delicious or else... LOL WELL, why I'm the one always spend the most?! Weird! like today, my noodles cost me rm9, the most expensive one AGAIN. Last week, lok-lok also the same! Evelyn ate the most, but I'm the most expensive! aiks WHATEVER~ but I'm broke ad!! SAD! Kok Chun, GOOD LUCK for tomorrow ! HAHA

No more typing, let the pictures do the saying =D

The food Wendy is holding is one of my favorite, i bought that too of course! haha
Evelyn.Wendy.Me.YeeMin.while waiting for food to be serve~
HAHA our Tomyam + price! xDWent Autocity after our dinner. We were too full and we need to walk and burn our fats! =D

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Believed...

Tell me whats it gonna be this time,
Say that I was just fool to believe
You were mine
Cannot imagine life without you by my side,
And its killing my heart,
Cause I wish I knew why

Why would you do me this way,
When I love you

I believed what you said,
But love doesn't have a meaning
When you hurt me so bad
Just threw it all away
You knew I was scared
To once more let you get that close to me
Despite what you did
I believed

You said it was gonna be for real this time
You said you were gonna make it up to me
And everything will be fine
Never thought that I would have to let you go this way
Shouldn't followed my heart
But I fell for the game

Life just would not be the same
Without you

Now what do I say
It was you
You that made the choice to walk away
But now
Love will come my way
I don't wanna here you're sorry
Cause you know we've reached the end

I believed

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Sometimes you have to accept the fact that some people are going to stay in your heart forever even if you are gone in theirs. So don't miss the chances life is giving you to spend with the people you love. Remember that in this life, there are no rewinds! But when you've found reasons to walk away, never look back, just keep walking! It's better to get lost moving on than to stuck and stranded broken. We cant gain if we can't let go. There's no love without tears, there's no happiness without sacrifice, and there's no forever without goodbyes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Being lazy again...haha

ME AND I LIKE THIS!! haha yeng huh?!
Wednesday ::

Class till 5pm. What a exhausted day. I'm like a driver today! I drove Cecil to the pet shop to get biebie & kaka from grooming then my dad call me to fetch him back when i reached home then i fetch my brother to airport again! I'm so darn tired that day and i planned to get a short nap after my class..but at the end, i don't have the time to sleep! aiks Feeling better after my bath! After sending my brother to the airport...i went for lok-lok with Wendy, Evelyn, Shan Hui, Yee Min and Joanne. and guess what?! Evelyn ate the most but mine is MORE EXPENSIVE than her! UNFAIR!! haha After our so-called dinner, we went GSC for Pandorum. NICE. quite gerli pun. The girl sat beside us keep stare at us and show us her stupid bei shiok face! damn shit. is like very normal to scream when watching horror movie right? But i ignored her and of course, i didn't scream! is ....*secret* LOL The cinema was so darn freaking cold! Went home after our movie.

6 of us~ =]
Lok-Lok. Yummy
Our Showtime :: 9.40pm

Thursday ::

Went Queensbay for shopping with Wendy and Evelyn around 12pm~ We LOVE shopping! haha hmmm i was starving when I'm on my way to fetch them from their hostel! Bought i don't know what it called from Hot and Roll. BUT it's always my favorite! haha Then we started shopping! Before we go back to college for our volleyball practice...we went J.CO!!! woohoo! my BEST FAVORITE donut shop! haha We went to take away the donuts for our dinner as appetizer! haha Well, i CHIA JJ donut! see how good am i!! wakakaka SAY THANKS, JJ!! xDxD Pass the donut to him just outside of my college. He work there these few days LOL then then we rush back to hostel to get change cause we are GONNA BE LATE if we don't hurry up! If we are late, Ms. Lim will start to give us lecture ad. Fortunately, we are EARLY. Started our volleyball practice as usual till 7.30pm. Backed hostel for donuts! i went home not long after that haha cause i need to buy dinner for my family.

Eve and Me with my sunnies
I'm buying these! Nice? (click to enlarge if it's too small)I Bought These =D
Wendy and me

Lansi Wendy.Lazy me! hahaWendy LOVES to stalked me. especially when I'm driving!LOLSee me?haha

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


WENMIN, we never ignore you la! hahah and okay i update one thing about myself. I'M SINGLE! LOL but i think you know since long long time ago ad gua...u read this? =D

Sunday ::

Went education fair during noon! Met some friends there! Well, i need to wait for quite some time just to get some detail information about a college/university! so i think i spent around err...maybe 2 or 3 hours there! Then i went lunch with JingJiet and Evelyn somewhere near Evelyn's house. JJ dropped me at Queensbay. Thanks, JJ and sorry for bringing me home 1st before i say wanna go Queensbay! Thanks a lot! So, i went shopping with my siblings and Cecilia. Well, actually is with Cecil. LOL cause i don't know where both of my brothers went after that. i bought many accessories today. AND i bought J.CO mini donuts!! J.Co is always my favorite! YUM YUM hehe Went dinner 1st then headed home.

At education fair.i think Cecil took this! LOL
Me and Cecil! =D

Buying mini muffins! haha♥J.Co, My Favorite ! =DMini Donuts! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S

Tuesday ::

Bad mood today. REALLY VERY BAD MOOD! down! hmmm i don't know why too. aiks! Thanks Shan Hui, Wendy and Evelyn for your FOOD hahaha I cant even concentrate during Macroeconomics lecture class, nothing can get into my mind that time. After class, we went Teluk Bahang's dam with Kelvin, Elvin and Fu Sheng. Feeling better. Went to fetch my brother at the sungai nibong's bus terminal around 7pm and went to buy dinner for my family. =D
we like this! haha
US and ELVIN hahah
Wendy n Me. BFF
Evelyn, Me and ShanHui
Evelyn.Me.Wendy ♥BFF

ShanHui is Always That Hyperbola! hahah
The GuysShanHui Me and Kelvin. He's going to commit suicide?haha