Saturday, November 28, 2009


Watched this on Thursday with JJ, Franco and Zi Xian. NICE hahai told my parents that I'm going to my friend's hostel that day. but i ended up in Gurney and my dad saw me in Gurney.i think! my dad's car was just beside Franco's car only! MY GOD! when i saw my parents..i was like WTF!!! i think he saw me...but..the thing is...he never mention it to my mom nor me when i reached home! i wonder..did he really saw me?but impossible he didn't see me! or he just pretend that he never saw me...hmmm whatever.let it be then! haha JJ n Franco had ear piercing that day! Damn funny lahh, their reaction! Play the video below to see it! HAHA

Watched this on Friday with my g.friends in Queensbay.
We went shopping again before our movie. haha but i cant find a thing i like today. so, i didn't buy a thing today! Met Pikying and Vincent for awhile. =D
In my room.before going PSC
Went PSC's Friday Fever event. It's like a drinking party. haha Went there with Evelyn, Franco, JJ, Sam, Zi Xian and Yen Chern. Alcoholic drinks are quite nice yet I'm not addicted with it! =P I'm not like Shan Hui, the drinker! HAHA Went supper at Kapitan with them. After supper, Sam dropped me back to PSC haha i went to find my brother and continue to drink cause there's still some cocktails and beer left! Reached home after 2am.

Sam SCARED us !! He appeared behind us and in the pic without us knowing!
The moment we preview the pictures in my camera, we both got shock like hell.
SAM, we know you're behind us ad! Cant scare us ad! hahaWhat are they looking at? Hmmm.... see their face!SO RED
At Kapitan. their supper, my dinner!LOOK AT SAM! hahaha JJ showing off his earring? haha
JJ act cute loo!! my god! xD
Franco acting CUTE!! HAHAH he's so gonna kill me when he sees this!
Franco and his "YAM" face! =P
Zi Xian act yeng again. tsk tsk tsk

Today is Saturday and I decided to stay in home and be a good girl for the whole day cause i had being going out like almost everyday! Until Kok Chun called me to go out tonight....feel like going..but...aiks...let me consider 1st HAHA and I'm BROKE ad! my god!

CHOONG WEI LING and LEE WEN MIN!!! FASTER COME BACK LAAAA!! Let's go hang out together! FAST!! haha i know you girls miss me like hell LOTS!!! xD

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wii !!! =P

Had fun playing wii with Jing Jiet, Sam, Franco, Min Xiang and Evelyn today! From Sam's house, we move to Franco's house to play wii. one word, FUN!!! All these were decided last minute BY ME!! =D

Today was my family day, so i planned to stay in home, but out of sudden, i also don't know why, i went to fetch Evelyn and JJ for lunch, then played wii at Sam's and Franco's house. haha Reached home around 12am. =D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pillow Fight at Time Square

I'm acting EMO again! hahaha
The blogger=D

Today, i went Time Square for the pillow fight event organised by my brother's company, Sauternlink.Catcheye. I drove my car into Time Square's Front Stage!! haha I FEEL DAMN YENG lerhh! HAHA everyone was looking at me that time. LOL Was there with Jing Jiet, Franco and Kai Wen. Before that, i had a summary test at 9am! so darn early! ishhh After the pillow fight, i went lunch with them, Zi Xian and Yen Chern. Had a long, fun talks during our lunch! =D The next stop, Zi Xian's house. All MALE dogs LOVES Jing Jiet! maybe he's too gay? HAHAHA They *AHEM* him. n JJ was afraid of dogs, BIG dogs! hahah How useless! =P we die laughing at his reaction! I went home after that. ooVoo with Fu Sheng, Kelvin and Evelyn. and we went for supper or maybe DINNER around 10pm. So last minute right? haha Kelvin fetched all of us. THANKS hahaha and and and, i GAVE UP going clubbing that night with JJ, Franco, Zi Xian them. But that Fu Sheng tried hard to tempt me! ishhh Reached home around 1am or maybe 1.30am. i was so so so tired! i slept awhile in Kelvin's car during the way home! how embarrassing!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Wednesday ::

Went BBQ with inti e&e people n jj. but i only know some of them! i reached Sri Sayang around 4.30pm. JJ, Franco and Zi Xian them was at the pool swimming. Started BBQ at the beach around err maybe 6pm. Had fun bbq-ing with my friends. We were so high that day! haha We went Faces for a drink after our BBQ around 12. i reached home around 1am.

When they were in the pool LOL
Zi Xian and my plaster! haha
Franco & Zi XianWhen they are trying to start up the fire! =DJJ's creation! damn dirty minded la him! =.=BBQ-ingTHE FIRE! yeng huh?!My GAY friends! hahaahahMy GAY friends! hahaahah
Thursday ::

Today SUCKS a lot! my presentation and test was totally doom! sick of today! BUT the good thing is, i can FINALLY call it a day! =D

Friday ::

My mood is very very BAD today. damn pek chek. but i still manage to release my pek chek-ness through my volleyball practice just now! Damn fun! starting to LOVE volleyball ad.... =D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Went for 2012 today! Our movie starts at 9.15pm. Went there with Wendy, Shan Hui, Evelyn, Yee Min, JJ, Ryan and his friend. It's really a nice movie! hahaha

Today my mood was totally BAD and down. I feel really really pek chek! damn, feel like killing people! ishhh When I'm pek chek, i always feel hungry! i don't know why! and i'll eat, but like didn't eat tiok anieh. so guess what i ate just now for dinner?! i ate 3 pieces of indian kuih, 2 slides of white bread, 1 packet of maggie mee and 3 slides of cakes! and i even bought Hot & Roll before my movie! damn! fattening! but i just cant control myself from eating when I'm pek chek! whatever! just very very bei shiok! but I'm chill before my movie, and that's a good thing. cause i can enjoy my movie with peace! haha

To my friends, sorry yeah! when I'm pek chek, i'll stay quiet! very quiet and maybe with the bei shiok face! not you all made me eh! so just ignore me! haha

Monday, November 16, 2009

Evelyn's 18teen surprise party!

Well, we gave a surprise party for our beloved Evelyn. Today was her REAL, ACTUAL birthday. Yeah, it's very SUCCESSFUL! we did surprise her a lot! and she even cried for it! hahaha how successful are we! =D I went to their hostel, bringing her cake to surprise her. i lighted the candles outside their hostel (i looked like a weirdo to those peoples who walk pass me that time! they were staring at me! damn sia suey) and then Shan Hui quietly open the door when i miss called her and i walked in with the cake - lights OFF. Wendy opened her room door and Evelyn WAS SHOCK to see me! haha and birthday songs started to play..and she's still in the shocking situation! =.= okay after blowing, wishing and cut her cake...we started to cam whore again~ and she cried! had fun that taking pictures that night! =D our photographer that night :: Ooi Shan Hui (she acts that she's the PRO! perasaan ! haha) i went home around 2am.

Well, Happy Birthday my dearest Evelyn! and hey wish you can get a good guy this year! HAHA and good luck in everything you want. and FINALLY, YOU ARE LEGAL! can go club ad! =D have fun being 18!
Her Cake. PLEASE see her NAME! hahah
♥ BFF ♥Us =D

More pictures will be upload if I'm FREE and not lazy! You guys can check out in my facebook too. will have more pictures there!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Evelyn and Kelvin's PRE-18 bday! =D

ooVoo with them ::

Today i was force to work with for my parents at City Bayview. Having property auction. But luckily it's only morning! and i kena SAMAN! damn so darn NOT WORTH! cause when i reach my car, the officer had finish writing the bill and up to her bike. =.= whatever!! ishhh

Hmm Zi Qi was suppose to be fetching me around 12.30pm but today was really her BAD, UNLUCKY day! Her car cant start at 1st, then when she's on the way to my house driving her bro's car, she's involved in an accident which was actually NOT her fault~ then she didn't join us ad as she need to make the report. Shin Dee fetched me, we reach Gurney around 2pm. Meet up with Pik Ying. Went for shopping and had lots of girls talk! i miss u PikYing! long time didn't see and talk to u ad!
Me (i bought this top)
i ♥ her
Me, Shin Dee, Pik Ying
Pik Ying and me~

JJ reached Gurney around 6pm. Was there for Evelyn bday present. Back to my house, i need to change my THICK shirt while JJ need to prepare her present! haha he called himself "the chef" *vomit*! haha Went "Xuan Xin" for buffet steamboat and BBQ. Me, JJ, Elvin, Fu Sheng and Thomas was there to celebrate Evelyn's bday. Had fun that night at Xuan Xin! love them~ =D After our LATE dinner, we went G-Spot around 12am to find Kelvin, the REAL birthday boy! gave him his cake and wished him happy birthday! haha Then we went Sunset bistro. i hate that waitress! damn! errr was there till 2am.

Steamboating~ =D
Present made by JJ for Eve-tard ! how meaningful huh?! XD
Their CAKE!
Group Pictures! =D
♥ bff ♥

Notice the GAYs! haha
At G-Hotel :: The Birthday Boy -->Kelvin!

Happy Birthday Kelvin! Finally, you are LEGAL! and today ENTAO lo u! haha =D
Evelyn, you are NOT legal yet! hahaha 1 more day to go~ =P