Sunday, February 28, 2010

time flies~

Monday ::
skipped all 3 class today! start feeling guilty ad...hmmm Went hostel to go on9 & do my assignment! i need to pass it up tomorrow! last minute work again =S but i got distracted! i watched pps for the whole noon! damnn! but i manage to get some information after that. Went Coffee Island with Evelyn, Wendy, Zi Qi & Chyi Jiun. Next stop, Chyi Jiun's house! she moved ad~ her new house super nice & big too! envy envy envy!!! Karaoke & gamble there till 11pm. and backed to hostel to continue my assignments and play cards with Kelvin, Ee Nee & Shan Hui. =D
Alcoholic drinks! woohoo*
i like this design the most! =DToilet models! LOLNICE!u jump, i jump!ziqi, chyijuin, minyen

Tuesday ::
Class til 4pm today. When
Fu Sheng came to fetch me with Kelvin & Elvin, i got shock when i saw his new hairstyle! haha yeng! Back home earlier due to the house party i got tonight with my relatives. Today's chef, Tommy & Cecilia~ haha i did the setting up! Nice dinner. =D drank wine again! i drank a lot wine during Chinese New Year, and i don't really know how to enjoy it. my relatives call me to learn how to drink =S

Wednesday ::

Had a surprised early birthday for my mom @ little cottage today with my relatives. Well, she did surprise! The food there is quite okay and yeah, we had lots of fun there. =D

Well, less talk & more pictures!

Her cake from my & my brothers! nice?


Group pictures! =Dblow~~cut cut cut! =DMy family =D

my cousins and my parents!

there are sisters! =D

Saturday ::

Went Gurney & Prangin Mall today with Evelyn. She accompanied me to go shopping. I bought 3pairs of shoes & 3 tops! LOL quite satisfied for today! =D

Evelyn & me =]

i like this! *thumbs up*

my favorite! but this not really nice! Jusco one better!

Had dinner with my cousins and aunts & uncles tonight! cause my 4th aunty is going back to Brunei ad, so it's a farewell dinner. Went back to my aunty Christine's house for wine. Like finally, i know & can drink wine ad! haha the plum wine is so nice! but it's not selling in Penang, or maybe bad! =S

Sunday ::

Went Sarang Chae with my brothers and Cecil. It's a Korean Restaurant! and the food there is superb! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! so darn full~ and it's quite expensive pun lo!

Chuen Kit's (rice in stone pot)

Mine (beef stew)Cecilia's (kimchi soup)Tommy's (seafood, i think)Crystal noodles! *thumbs up*Baby octopus! Korea pancake

Monday, February 22, 2010

Chinese New Year Week =]

Sunday ::
Went around to pay a visit to my relatives. the weather was super duper H-O-T!! =S got lots of ang pao~ =P hmmmm
Some pictures taken on that day ::
me & my relatives =D

me & my family
Went Gurney during the evening and movie with Evelyn & Kok Chun around 9pm. Watched Wolfman. so so lah the movie. Went home after the movie.

Monday ::
Went movie & lunch with my family today. watched 大兵小将. quite nice. and know what? i watch till nearly the end there and i only realize that it's Lee Hom who's is acting as the General. LOL cik ark right? Came out for a early dinner around 5pm as my parents need to go the airport. My parents went Dubai means freedom to me! HAHAHAHA Had dinner and dropped them in airport. and i forgot what i did next! LOL

Tuesday ::
Went Gurney today with Zi Xian, Franco, Kai Jing, Frederick them. Repeatedly watched the lightning thief again. Well, Gurney is packed with peoples. and guess what? i spent bout 30-40 minutes to find a carpark! damn i nearly park at the rooftop! =S Lunch with them at BBQ Chicken. Gurney hot like shit. like they didn't on the aircond! =S
Party at my aunt's place at 7pm. but me n my brothers are late! Due to some reasons! HAHAHA hmm not much food left when we reach, gamble as usual. won RM3 only =S but better than lose~ =P Drank wine, but still not really can accept the taste yet.
* I'll upload the pictures when i get the pictures =D

Wednesday ::
Went Butterworth to find Cecilia and paid a visit to her house with my brothers. Her mom cooked lunch for us. super nice! haha Cecil, u should learn to be as pro as her! hahaha Her mom fried the chinese pancake for us. yummy! gamble the whole noon again. lost a lot money ='( Tomyam noodles for dinner! yum yum! but the place is so so hot! =S
Before going Mois =D
Went Mois with my cousins and my brother & Cecilia. Bumped with lots of people that day. Met up with some of my friends there. nice =D had lots of fun that night~ =D

Thursday ::
Went Gurney again! still, it's full with peoples =S met Evelyn & Kok Chun. Hanged out with them for awhile and then i saw Guan Chuan. Thanks for helping me to buy the tickets yeah! hahaha Plan to go home ad, but i bumped into Daniel & Kenneth. So, we hanged out together awhile and had lunch together. Went to fetch Shan Hui @ Farlim. JAM LIKE SHIT! damnn! =S plan to go coffee island to have our dinner, but the carpark is full and there's pack with many peoples again! so we changed to Blue Reefs at Tangjung Bungah! haha less people there. Dinner around 9.30pm! how keat! due to the jam-ness everywhere! =S Saw Chia Chuin there. so coincidence! LoL After dinner, me & Shan Hui went to buy beer and we went to the beach to talk & relax. ♥ talking with her. =D Cockroach freaks the hell out from me! damnn it suddenly ran towards me! i jumped up quickly with Shan Hui and we saw mice making out! LOL we were just beside them that time! hmmm went back to fetch Fu Sheng and we gamble together in my house. Dropped them back home. Reached home around 5am! craziness!

Friday ::
Was SUPER LATE for our movie! LOL movie with Chyi Jiun & Wendy @ 3.50pm.but i woke up at 3.40pm! Wendy woke me up by spamming my phone! haha but lucikly, I'm not the only ones who is late! haha Her sister came to fetch me there. thanks haha we rushed like shit, but we were still late for the movie, late for 15minutes i think. miss the front part. =( Watched 72 Tenants Of Prosperity, Not bad, Not bad! haha after my movie, i met up with Franco and Frederick came to fetch us. We're the latest one to reach. Franco, the human map, super keat, brought us to 2 dead ends before reaching the apartment! LOL tsk tsk tsk! We were having BBQ party there! Played some cards and games there. the punishment is so OMG! luckily i didn't kena~ phew! was there till around 12am. Thanks for dropping me at BED, Frederick! =D i went to met up with Jason them there. then supper at Ali! reached home around 2am and slept at 7am that night, thanks to Kek! he force me to teman him till morning~ so darn sleepy =S

Pictures taken at the BBQ party =D

Saturday & Sunday ::
slept till 2pm and stay at home doing nothing till 5pm. Went hostel to meet up with Shan Hui & Kelvin 1st and wait for Evelyn & Ee Nee to reach hostel to go dinner together! Dinner @ pulau tikus market. Backed hostel after dinner to bath & put on some make up. Reached Mois around 11pm. Met up with Franco, Zi Xian, Chia Chuin, Frederick them. That night was such an awesome night! =D but the song got abit down =S

Supper @ Suibaidah & headed back to hostel. i slept at 6am+ LOL woke at 10am to get home. When i woke up, my eyes swollen like shit! my family, relatives & friends got shock seeing it too =S Dinner at my aunt Chirstine's place. Drank wine & talked there till late. Headed to my grandma's place to "pai ti gong". gamble there too. so much to eat there so, i ate a lot that night =S