Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A trip to Butterworth!xD

Today after my hubungan etnik's tutorial class~i go back to wendy's hostel just to wait for ziqi's class to release at 1pm!hahaha~At 1pm i went to fetch wenmin at her house which is just not far away from my college nia...then we are going to weiling's house to meet up~BUT when we are on the way going to weiling's house.....im involve in ACCIDENT!i bang tiok a myvi lo~aiks! BUT the funniest things is when we both get out from our car...it look like i bang till very hiong very serious! and it look like the bumper of myvi 凹进去lo!! BUT actually it doesn't!!haha just some scratches nia~so finally i also bo su~haha thanks to the myvi driver!xD since this incident happened...so jeffrey ziqi n weiling decided to come to greenlane MCD to get me!haha after that we are getting ready to go AUTOCITY for tao~

It took us bout 20mins to get there as jeffrey's driving was quite fast~haha BUT when we reached there...tao said it was close at 2.30pm and open at 5pm again!and actually we reached there at 2.25pm!GAI!!and GUESS WHAT!!!me, wenmin and jeffrey keep our stomach blank since morning lo!so we 3 are so so starving!!then at last we decided to go Aeon jusco to eat and walk walk ~ then at last we reched there and faster find a place to eat~!!so at last we choosen ichiban ramen( if not mistaken) to eat! hoho we order alot of foods lo!!we all eat till so darn full!

After our lunch we went jusco as wenmin wanted to buy some things.then at there im so so so HIGH!! haha me n ziqi went to see the shoes there~ziqi still very sampat till where the slipper there!haha below got her picture wearing the slipper~ then i went to play with the vegetable there!siaw d me~zi qi took so many pic of me that time!xDxD Well, in jusco, me n ziqi both feels that the feeling at there is the same with the times when we went kl together!haha so miss that time!i wanna go there with them again~hehe

Well, later on we went to a shoe shop to look for sandal~BUT at last ziqi bought a black sandal with some diamonds and for ME~i bought high heels! I LOVE IT~hahax~ After that we went back to penang d~ END

Pictures of today~
This is the shoe i buy today!i like it!xD
nah~that ziqi wear the slipper sold in jusco!hahame posing with vegetables! hahaha
i use LEEK to beat Jeffrey!haha ziqi sure xim tia eh!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday i went Gurney with wendy, evelyn and also wen min! We reached there at 3.30 i think. Then, we go shopping and also accompany wen min to buy some stuff too~ Well, i bought a shirt in MNG yay~i love it~xD its a white tee with some pink strips~ =] At there, me, wendy and also evelyn took some picture in the fitting room!

After that, we go meet up with our classmates, elvin and fu sheng and his friends. We watched transformer 2 that day. Transformer 2 is a nice movie!hahaha enjoy watching it~ After our movie, evelyn and wendy need to go home d~so i also go home~xD BUT the highlight of the day is.....we saw 林宇中 in Gurney lo~haha saw him 3 times that day. Well, evelyn saw him 1st but still...that time i don't believe her!wahaha but at last we also believe her~


Today i stay in my room whole day watching movie from pps!LOL imagine it!i watch in front of my computer the whole half day without leaving my computer once!haha gai~ BUT finally i went out for dinner with my little brother~ hmmm, we went to mount eskine there to have western food~that's my little brother's suggestion well my suggestion actually is to go Penang Swimming Club for our dinner haha so never mind la~i follow his suggestion la~hahah i order salmon steak!NICE haha I LOVE SALMON!!

Mushroom soup!
My main course - Griled Salmon SteakMy little brother's main course - Black Pepper Steak

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hun mei's gathering~

Yesterday was hun mei's gathering~ Well, surprisingly it is FULL ATTENDANCE of hun mei. (Hun Mei = min yen, evelyn, wendy, zi qi, wei ling, pikying, wen min, lee ming, chyi jiun, bee gnoh, si zen) Cause we hardly can gather together with 100% attendance lerhh!!hahaha That night we went to Gurney and also coffee island to hang out together. we went Gurney but with no point!! cause we went there and have a few walk then go to coffee island d...i think if we know earlier...i'll bet we will not go to Gurney xDxD

Next, when we reached coffee island driving 3 cars(mine, ziqi & zen) haha we started with our orders and dinner. I ordered Salmon Steak.yeah! i love salmon! salmon is nice! and for drinks i ordered oreo milkshake which always is one of my favourite drinks!xD After our dinner, we played 国王游戏! And guess what? We were the most sia suey ones and also being paid attention by everyone at that night cause we all given lots of sia suey task to complete!
I got the task which is one and only task i got that night and that was " go to the waiter/waitress and tell him/her can i help you wash the dishes" embarrassing right?? but still me n chyi jiun manage to complete the task!hahax

Time flies very fast......its time for us to go home as we have our own activities the next day.some need to go school, some need to go college, some got exam the next day and some is tired! I got home after sending wendy,evelyn and wenmin home. Well, i enjoyed myself to the fullest and also laugh non stop the whole night!

That's all for the writing part and let the pictures do the saying =]
group pic but without zen!so early back lo herziqi n me~always do sampat things!xD
leeming n me!long time no c her d
sampat hor!!


zen wendy me evelyn
us again!

eve.me.wendyc they 2!!play with CARROTS!!xD
weiling n chyi jiun! doing 38 things~xD
guess what are we doing?xD
weiling me n ziqi! we so 38!!! haha
i curi take de pic!
me n chyi jiun is going to ask the waiter can we help them wash thier dishes!haha (king's game)
wei ling drinking watermelon + apple juice!
zen drinking lemon + apple juice!haha
ziqi pky me eve~
weiling.pikying.me! 3 of us o~
ling and me~
ziqi pikying me! huhu~
us~ coffee island~
Back : ziqi.me.beegnoh. Front : weiling.pikying
some of us in coffee island!
evelyn and me!
c ziqi~always that hiao eh!xD

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday =P

Lecture, tutorial class as normal.........BORING!!!!!!!

But today's maths tutorial got a bit different.....cause today seems like a lot people don't like our tutors. Shan hui is one of them~today her mood is very very bad cause the tutor's attitude.In fact, i also not very like him~haha quite bei shiok de...he keep rushing us to copy the answer, not yet finish copying then he change change change!pek chek!in 1 and half hour he expect us to copy whole 10 LONG question..haizz BUT some of our classmates talk some funny stuff and make me and shan hui keep laughing! and the teacher see us with lots of question marks in his mind!luckly we sit behind the class haha but still we ignore him~xDxD

After class got dance society.today we learn breakdance!haha well, it was quite fun!long time did't play breakdance d~hehex dance society ends at 7pm.I fetch Wendy,Evelyn,shan hui,yee min,he yee back thier hostel....and that was the time i receive weiling's sms from UK lol i was actually quite shocked~xDxD later when i reach home, she said she want to phone me and there she phoned me...it was quite noisy there as she was in a train with her friends~haha we talked for awhile only.i scare of her bills!hahax and she's coming back on 21st JUNE 2009!!haha see weiling~i very GOT YOUR HEART de~xDxD

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday =]

Today i went to college and have my hubungan etnik tutorial as usual....after school, me,shan hui and chun keat went to jian lin's hostel to do our assignment for hubungan etnik as we need to pass up NEXT WEEK.last minute work again~hahah =] well, when i reach his hostel, i was quite shocked cause his hostel was quite clean and tidy(usually boy's house wont be that neat and tidy)!hahaha other guys don't get angry o!haha then we started to do our assignment...but halfway of our discussion...we talked about other things else LOL but still we manage to discuss finish.

After that, i went to Wendy's hostel which was just 1 floor above my classmate's hostel.she and Evelyn had their friends to come over to their house to do assignment too.so i myself hid into Wendy's room and on9~WELL, I'm waiting for zi qi's arrival actually....else i'll go home d~hehe she said she want to see Wendy's hostel and go for lunch with us.After she arrived, i bring them to mount eskine's hawker stall to have lunch.PITY WENDY cause she can only see us eat foods that she wanted to eat(she's having fever)!we eat till very full and Wendy's keep saying 'i don't care!min yen next week bring us here again!i wanna pay back~' hahah well the food is delicious and we all eat till very full except for Wendy i think xP

At 5pm, i went to fetch shan hui from her hostel and we went for theater society which was held in tarc's music room.Well, we was force to do drama on the 1st day.At 1st, i still thought it will be boring BUT i was totally wrong!haha those people was so active and high.the drama also very interesting, cold and FUNNY!!laugh till my stomach also pain!hahahx it's enjoyable there~xD

At night, my family and I had a simple dinner.We celebrate Father's Day earlier as my elder brother and his gf is going to Phuket this friday.My 2 brothers and me bought a cake from Ritz for my dad.Here's the picture of the cake =P

nice?? well, my dad complained that the cake is so sweet that he is going to get diabetes..BUT he ate the chocolate most!!haha so fake huh? xD

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lazy Me

hoiyooo today i just know that next week exam all subject loo~i still though next week only test microeconomics manatau...is ALL subject i study now...gai nee...n i did't really concentrate in class for this few weeks....die d...aikx this week must pia d...but hope i wont get lazy laa!haha so maybe less on9 d...MAYBE haha

Sunday, June 14, 2009


hmmm today my 2 brothers had made a stupid mistake!guess what...they thought that today was FATHER'S DAY!LOL and i also believed in them!omggg so today we wake up so darn early and my parents was so shocked!my dad keep asking my mom who wake us up?!?!cause usually my dad wake us up on Sunday~today my dad's the latest to get out from his bed!!(normally i'm the latest one!)haha and i took my chance to say n perli him cause he always perli me when he wake me up every Sunday~i used his talking style when i wake him up today...and my family keep laughing cause they say its funny when i copied him and only i dare to talk like that to my dad and he wont angry at me~(cause they say my dad sayang me most) NOW is just the beginning of the story....when dad keep asking mom who wake us up?and asked why we suddenly wake up so so early and we just keep quiet and smile~(because we plan to make breakfast for him but unfortunately when we are awake...my mom already bought our breakfast d so we change our plan to buy cake)BUT after my dad keep asking those question...we started to suspect that whether today is father's day...then we went to check and guess what!today is NOT father's day!what a big mistake they had done!!!

After doing housework together,we bath and went Gurney for lunch.We took our lunch in The Manhattan Fish Market.I took sword fish for my main course!delicious but oily! =P
Here's some picture i took in The Manhattan Fish Market(cause i got nothing to do while waiting for my food to be served)

Pictures from the table ::

My Main Course : Sword Fish and Chips

After meal....see how oily it is~
After lunch, my family and I went for shopping.We went SK,shop for camera as there were some mini fair...and my little brother took part in the PS3 street fighter competition(prize PSP) organize by SONY but he did't manage to get into the final.too bad.but it's ok~we did't really expect to win that game too~just join for fun =P then after that we went to Starbucks for a coffee and finally went for our dinner at the hawker stall somewhere near the town
By The Way, bought a new camera~haha!Here's the picture of the new camera~nice?

Well, in the conclusion...im HAPPY today haha quite fun today and my mom gave me ipod touch just now!wow happy happy and also unbelievable~