Friday, March 25, 2011

The whole week before going to KL! =P

Well, most of you know that im going to Taylor's in KL soon. so, yeah. i gotta take this chance to hang out with all my best friends and friends 1st, else i wont have much chance after that. =/

Tidied some of my stuff in my luggage and off to Gurney for movie with my brother and Cecilia(I'm being a light bulb again =S).

We watch this
I like it. it's nice! haha

After movie, i went Harvest In for dinner with my beloved friends, Ee Nee, Wendy, Shan Hui & Evelyn.

Our Dinner! =D

Head to Straits Quay after that for Starbucks! droolsssssss*

talked and gossip again~ hahaha that's girls hobby! LOL

♥ ones!


Mcd breakfast with loves! They went jogging and came to fetch me after that to have breakfast together! ♥ we played with Fatbooth, but i believe they wont agree to allow me to upload their fatboothed pic! haha so i am gonna keep it to myself! =D

Queensbay with Wei Ling & Yih Sein after that!

Watched this! =D

Hang around until 6pm. oh yeah, we went to find Bee Gnoh too! haha

Kapitan with Chia Hoay and Yih Sein! chicken milani! nomnom! =P we are all wet when we enter Kapitan due to the heavy rain outside and we don't have a single umbrella! People in Kapitan stared at us when we stepped inside. so embarrassing! =(

We start taking pic after our yogurt ice cream! =D
i love them!!

The LA LA one!

The NOT-READY one!

The KIAP one!

Chia Hoay ♥

Yih Sein ♥



Went to try Herbalife around Greenlane with Wei Ling. =D We drank 4 BIG SIZED CUPS of water! we are so FULL! LOL Headed to Sushi King @ Gurney after that for lunch with Zi Qi.

Zi Qi ♥

Wei Ling ♥

Showing off our BLING BLING hp covers! =P

My loves one!

Chyi Jiun, Evelyn & Zen joined us too later. RedBox after that. Had fun singing with them. It's been awhile since we last went singing together!

All of us

Mizi Bistro is fully book, so we change our place to Little Cottage (cause we have no idea of what to eat).

After dinner, we went back to my home. It's nice hanging with u girls! ♥♥♥

was playing with the LomoLomo apps in my phone


Today is quite a busy day, doing everything in last minute is so, idk how to describe it! =S
Went herbalife during morning, then went to take my heels to repair, went to do Maybank account (but fail), went Tesco to buy and change something and a lot more! so i dont plan to hang out today. But i manage to finish everything around 2pm. so i called Zi Qi and Wei Ling to come out for lunch! Last min plan! haha went Canton-I for lunch! the char siew is so nice and the egg tarts too! yums! sat there chatting and taking pic! hang around till 6pm.

Went back home for steamboat dinner with my family! arghhhhh i love them! haha they are gonna MISS MY VOICE after tomorrow! =D Dinner until 11pm. haha then Sean came to fetch me, we go to hostel to find Shan Hui, to let her save movies and me too! haha was there till 1am, and i better come back, cause i haven't done packing with my things yet! =S

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy Sunday

Did house chores like usual. Went Sa Rang Chae after that. i always love to eat korean food! yummy!!!! ♥


This is SUPERB

i like this soup! =D

Went pc fair with my brother at the evening. This is when everything get worst! =S My car ran out of petrol and stopped in the middle of the road and that was embarrassing, as we are blocking the road. Okay, so we waited for our friend, Kek to come and get us some petrol (thanks kek! =D) The whole thing took about 1 hour or more.

While waiting for Kek!

Reached pc fair around 8pm. We went to buy our stuff there. Going pc fair is like, going to meet someone else. You can see friends there everywhere lol

It's raining heavily when we wanted to leave PISA. gahh, i am all wet and the rain water wet my shoes and i feel disgusting! YUCK! Headed Tesco to buy some groceries. Doing everything in a rush is so... tired =(

Went to have economic rice around Jelutong to have our late dinner! the pork is delicious! haha

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Unknown with INTI friends =)

Spent my whole noon lifelessly by watching HK & Korean series and facebook-ing. =S

Went Gurney at night with my friends from INTI for movie.


it's a nice movie! but too bad we miss the front part due to some reasons.

and finally! i got the St. Christopher yearbook from Frederick ad! hahaha!