Monday, February 28, 2011

With ♥

Haven't seen this siao cha bo, Chia Hoay for super long! so we decided to hang out & shopping in gurney and go for Black Swan.
We met Yih Sein during lunch, so we called her to join us too. Super long time didn't see her ad too! LoL

Black Swan is so, insane! lol

After movie, chun joined us and we went 1st Avenue and Pragin after that. Then Gurney Kapitan for dinner! chicken milani is so nice! ♥

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today is not my day =(

Went Queensbay with Zi Qi and Jeff!

Sushi King with them <3

wanted to shop for sandals & heels! but i fail to buy anything today! =.= Saw some nice heels but then, they dont have my size, only left 1 size smaller and 1 size bigger. WTH! Was there till 5pm. Went to find Wendy in her house! talked for hours! Natalie was afraid of me (a stranger to her)! so sad =( Went back around 8pm as i had a movie at 9pm that night. but the tickets had sold out! See, told you it wasnt my day today. ='( So i went to PSC to have my dinner with my brothers, Cecilia & samsam! Then we played pool and ate beef satay at Seafront. i had a bottle of Hoegaarden too. nice ♥


Had an quarrel with them and i was so pek chek till i nearly went home LOL see, again! not my day =/ So i decided to sleep early today before i ki siao again LOL

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Redbox with ♥

Went Redbox that day with Zi Qi, Wendy, Evelyn, Chyi Jiun and Zen.
it's been awhile since i last went to Redbox, haha miss there quite much! Like usual, i did lots of sia suey stuff again =S

Zi Qi ♥

Loves one

Evelyn ♥

After Rb, Zi Qi need to go back to class, super down one! haha then Evelyn & Wendy went to join others to bm for tomyam(bo jio!)
Me, Zen & Chyi Jiun went zen's house for steamboat with her family! haha quite paise one lo! Her 2 Genting working friends joined us too. They are quite funny lol We went Coffee Island after steamboat & we played the super down cards there. their cards is so, yuck!( i don't know how to describe it) We should have brought ours there. In the end, we decided to play true or dare.

Zen ♥

Back around 2am.(Chyi Jiun's 1st time being out till so late! congrats!) haha

Monday, February 21, 2011

Less than one month more in Penang only.

Hmm should i be happy or down as im leaving Penang (by that means im leaving all my best and good friends here) to KL, Taylors to start a new life there? Hmm im actually being excited for having a new life there at 1st but i got a lot bad feedback from my friends who went KL few months earlier than me. gahhhh, what to do? life still goes on. aiks and i dont feel like staying in Lakeside hostel lah! the room is like, SUPER SMALL! my god =( and they got that stupid come-back-before-12am curfew thing! grh!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

对不起,是我的错! ='(