Tuesday, April 13, 2010

walalala~ im Min Yen =P

Me =D

Tuesday ::
3 hours breaks and not knowing where to go...so we, 13people went to have our breakfast and then headed to Chia Hoay's house! At 1st, we wanna gossip bout something and then idk how it become to our movie day! hahaha The Ju-On is scary YET funny! the expression of Yee Chuin & Charlotte and also the screaming voice of Jeslynn makes me go LOL! Hmm headed back to continue our class till 4pm. Totally boring lah the Malaysian Studies! =( but still we had fun joking and fooling around the class! hahahaa me n chia hoay gone crazy and laughed non stop during the class!
When im on the way home, i received a text from Elvin and said, want to go rock climbing? then i replied YES! Well, i seriously miss there! =D i went home to get changed and headed to Tarc to meet up with them to have lunch, for them! =D 8 of us went there. It's high tide today, so we have no choice but to go the another way to the rocks! but still, IT'S FUN! hahaha super fun! i just simply in with it! *winks* The sunset SUPER NICE!!! gosh!!! ♥♥♥

i all these pictures taken by me! HAHA

emo?hahaShan Hui.
fishingCool man!
Kelvin! =DSUPER NICE!!! Fu Sheng and KelvinROCKS!Shan Hui. Nice? haha
Oh yeah, Happy Birthday, Chia Shen! =D
have fun at E&O tomorrow! sorry for not coming! =x

Wednesday ::
Before going Gurney =D

I'm late for Psycho this morning, so i ended up staying in my bed! hahaha i got lazy to rush to class~ =X Skipped Malaysian Studies to go hang out with my dearest Wei Ling, Pik Ying, Wendy and Evelyn. Well, the rest of hun mei cant make it. =( We went lunch & Redbox together. Next, i went movie with Wei Ling and the rest went home ad. Just Another Pandora's Box -> the movie is TOTALLY LAME! lamest movie ever! we nearly went out halfway! =S After movie, we went SHOPPING! Planned to go to the party but due to some reasons, i ppk-ed my friend! SORRY, u know who you are! =D

Wei Ling
Pikying! Wendy bff ♥my darlings
i like this! =D
Girls!i u girls!Evelyn Redbox!bff!My darlings =DMy siao partner -ZI QI!
look at our mic CAREFULLY! =D
Redbox! Zi Qi i her

Thursday ::
i think every Thursday is gonna be our movie day! LOL we always skip Psycho to go movie after Maths. =/ Watched "Date Night" today. Nice. After movie, we headed to 1-stop for pool. Then back to class at 2pm! something qi kek happened! shiok but a bit scary! haha but lazy to tell here~
our student id! haha
Zoe! like what yeeming said, VAIN POT! hahahayeeming & zoeYee Ming, Zoe, Ee LynJoanna, YeeMing, Ming Yen, Min Yen, Zoe! SAM classmates!
Zoe and her maggie cup! hahaSamuel and Ken Sheni like this
Friday ::
Slap Jason! hahaa
of course, I'm just ACTING!
Samuel act HARDWORKING! lolLansi Jonathan?hahaJason, Louis, Jonathan & SamuelMine & Samuel's

Went Queensbay With Wei Ling, Sam and Wei Teng. SORRY IM LATE!! due to my stupid car's AC! had to service it! =S Had lunch at Sakae! After lunch, we girls when to have our nails done! manicure, pedicure and designs! super nice! i like our nails! hehe i think im gonna do it next week again, BEFORE going KL! haha =D Shopping time again! bought some things! and then headed to J.co to have Yogurt ice cream and also PLAY CARDS! ahhh, what's the name of the game again, ling? Oh yeah, Shit Face! hahahaha SO NICE! let's play again someday! hahaha we played till around 10.30pm! cause i need to go home earlier as im using my brother's car! =S he need to use his car. =/

Wei Ling's and minei like this! nice!awww, SWEETNICE! haha
SUPER LIKE mine! haha

Saturday ::
Went hiking with Jeremy, Shin Wei and Wei Ping! =D so good lah them! Thanks guys! =D u all know what im talking bout lah! HAHAHA then went breakfast with Shin Wei and Jason Ho at Fettes Park there. Went home and SLEEP! so darn tiring! =S then PPS whole day! LOL lifeless me! =(
* Wait till Shin Wei send me the pictures, then i'll upload it! =D

Monday ::
Had Psycho test today and i screw it! WELL DONE, MIN YEN! ='(
3 hours break, went lunch and Gurney! haha

her GREEN shirt and sakae! LOL
i think im in love with Charles & Keith's heels ad! HAHAH right, Zoe? Back to school for econs. I skipped Maths class due to my headache since morning! =S BY THE WAY, WEN MIN!!! HOW THE HELL U STUDY ONE?! why your results SUPER KEAT, super HIGH one!! ishhhhhhh JEALOUS!!! teach me lahh!!! =(

Tuesday ::
This is what i did today! no no, it's WHAT WE DID TODAY! hahaah
we GIRLS help the GUYS to colour their nails! hahaha

guess who's hand is this?
and also Chia Hoay for the blue one!
Nice lerhh!? haha
i like his hand lah! grhh!! long, slim and NICE! *envy*

Oh Yeah, i forgot to take Xia Wei's hand! =(

And we went Redbox just now! haha 11 people singing and screaming there! LOL
had fun there! Thanks for the ride, Xia Wei =D