Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Moon Party @ PSC! =

27 March 2010
the blogger =]

Went shopping @ Gurney before going to the party. Well, I'm actually LATE for it! hahah i reach there around 9pm! hmm whatever~ meet up with my friends and took my dinner. Saw Angelyna, Sze Sze and Nikki there. It's quite boring for the 1st few hours until the dance floor is heated up with peoples! Fu Sheng, Samuel & Ben joined us later. Was there till 2am and headed Subaidah for supper before going home. Nothing much to type, but today was not bad =D

me with my hair tied up! =D

Monday, March 22, 2010

being lazy to update.sorry yeah! haha

*SEE, weiling! i updated my blog ad! hahah dont force me update ad~ cause I'm LAZY lahh haha =P *

Me! =D

went Shua Shua Le with Shan Hui, Evelyn, Wendy, Joanne and Michael. Well, Michael chia us all~ Thanks, Michael! hahaha our big BOSS that night! =D *btw, cha tao, don't shiok tiok when u see i wrote the BOSS word yeah! hahaha* Then we headed to Coffee Island after our dinner.and yeah, had fun playing cards that night ! HAHAHA
The foods =] aka CHA TAO! =D
thanks for the dinner! =P

Nowadays i had been visiting GSC VERY OFTEN! LoL
gonna update myself maa~ =P
movie marathon! =D


Went Sa Rang Chae with my family last Sunday. SUPER NICE, the food! =D and the boss chia me drink a bottle of beer cause my brother told her it's my birthday! hahaha and the happiest thing is, the boss thought that I'm only FIFTEEN! hahaha

me and my brother!

The food is awesome! yummy yum! =D


before going to Gurney =D

Went to a seminar about property, Malaysia My 2nd home program. was being force by my parents! ='( so boring! =S but i went home after lunch! then headed to Gurney to meet up with Wendy, Shan Hui, Ee Nee, Fu Sheng and Kok Chun. We went for "Under The Mountain"! i laughed at the part which i shouldn't laugh! =S whatever lah hahaha Then Evelyn joined us and Shan Hui left us to have dinner with her family~ and we went 金湾 for dinner! we order a lot of foods! Kok Chun & Fu Sheng were super hungry! they ate a lot! like 10 days didn't eat ad! tsk! then we headed to Queensbay for J.Co! my favorite! ♥ and also to meet up with Shan Hui. Ordered Yogurt ice cream! NICE~ haha! Then i went to watch "The Lovely Bones" with Fu Sheng, Samuel them @ 10.10pm! and we both were super late! =S & bumped into many friends.

On the way to Gurney
Wendy ♥
Kok Chun!

Dinner with Kelvin, Kok Chun, Shan Hui, Wendy, Evelyn & Joanne yesterday night. Ate zhu char! yummy =D We headed to Paradise for the beach. Is beach a place which will makes people emo? hmm i don't know why too. but i just feel so. But don't worry, I'm not emo yesterday @ beach kay? heheh Fu Sheng and Sam joined us later. home around 1am. luckily my dad never realize that! haha

i screw my Psychology test today, i think! i didnt study any due to my laziness! =S and hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Charlotte! =D went to celebrate her birthday today. and well, today was not bad~ i laugh like shit in class due to some reasons! LOL