Monday, September 26, 2011

Lovely day!

 Picture of the day! =D

My brother and Cecilia finally came back from Europe, after 2 months of travelling there!
so damn shiok! 

they bought me macaroons from Laduree, Paris
WOOTS! superb!

and also a mini Longchamp bag!

Thanks a lot! 

Hot Pink Eiffel Tower!
super nice!

chit chat for awhile and off i went to bath!
gonna go Tao @ Autocity with my friends! 

love them so much! =*

with Jeffrey & SK also, that day.

*some of our foods that day*
Sashimi is 

Love this the most~

Then we went to buy Iphone case!
i bought 8 cases!

Back to Penang, 
as i got dinner with my family!
went to my favorite place for Zhu Char!

so damn nice weiii
so damn full, but still, i cant resist this! =S
& also this fish!

& other dishes,
forgot to take pic of it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shopping with my loves!

Zi Qi


Wei Ling

Heard of this for very long, but never get the chance to try. 
Well, it's nice after all! =D
i love the chicken~ yummmm

When to Pragin mall after that,
since it's the nearest
to kill time!

maxi dress with Zi Qi!

we went to our all time favorite place for dessert,
Haagen Dazs!

♥ them!

  kiss kiss kiss! *muaks*

Sa Rang Chae for dinner with my family! ♥ 

 Went Behind 50 with Wei Ling, Sam & SK to chill =D

Cute marshmallow with hot choc!
 The interior =)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Par..Par.. Party Everyday! =P

It's Arthur's Day!
Guinness Stout, Taio Cruz, Miss Nina, PARTYYYYY =D
Melissa & i went there unprepared,
last min plan, VERY

Just let the pictures do the saying =P

 Melissa! ♥
 part of us who went that night
 Calvin & Wils

 ♥??? so gay! 
 i don't wanna take picture!!! 
*block block*
 ♥ this very much! haha
so yeng =P
 It's Arthur's Day! =D
 The guys
 Taio Cruz in the BIG BIG screen! =)

Khai Howe's Birthday!
@ Italiannies 

 The Birthday Boy
 Khai Howe, Sheng Kai & me!

 *thumbs up*
strawberry shake
 Meal of the day

 All of us =D
 Cheese is LOVE!