Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another beach day~

Today i went to beach AGAIN!! BUT is with my cousins~ i poteng my maths class nee~hahaha
today i played all the stuff they got at the beach~i played jet ski, parachute, horse riding, the big 4 wheels car! haha so darn fun!! and the best thing is...i dont need to pay for it and i played for rounds and rounds!so shiok so fun! haha

Pictures for today

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beach Day With Classmates

As usual, we had a class this morning. After our class, me, wendy, eve, shanhui went to Gurney for redbox haha after our redbox...we went to park royal beach~ We meet in our college and go together...We played jet ski that day!!fun man!!xDxD well i enjoy playing jet ski very much. After our water sport, we chit-chat and drink some beer at the seaside~After that we went faces for our dinner.I enjoyed very much that day.keep laughing non stop~

Let the picture do the saying ::

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shan Hui's birthday~ =]

Today was shan hui's birthday, so we plan to give her a birthday party surprise...well, actually you cant say it is a party...just a small gathering we did't for her. We went Zhong Hua Xiao Chu for dim sum after our lecture class and before we go there, wai yin and sook lee went to help us to buy the birthday cake as shan hui was following my car haha So we reached there at around 1130am. We ordered lots of dim sum that day haha it was delicious! and well, since wai yin's father is the manager we got some foods for FREE ~ xDxD

After our lunch, we brought out the cake and sang the birthday song~ There was a kid named ryan, he was so darn cute! We gave him a slice of cake cause he was looking at the cake since the cake is out!haha After our lunch, we went back to our college for microeconomics class~ BORING!!
Cake for Shan Hui =]
See~ she's so happy~xDxD
Shan Hui Wishing!

OMG !! she's CRYING!! too gam dong d i know~xDxDWe didt push her head to her cake! too bad!
Ryan!! is he CUTE?!?! cute right?!?! xPXue Yu (Cod Fish) NICESome dim sum of the day~Yu Cha Kuih in Chee Cheong Fun?!?!Birthday girl~eat bao aso can be that hiao! tsk tskme and wendyevelyn and me
All of us on that day

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shopping day~

Today i went Queensbay with weiling~our aim for today is FORMAL WEAR!haha as i need it for my this coming Tuesday presentation and she need it for working~we went there at 3.30pm.we started with SUB, later on with Elements, and later on with Vior~ hmmm i bought my formal wear from Elements while weilings' is from Vior~ Well~i like the shirt and skirt i bought today!besides that i also bought a shirt from nichii and also a high heels from Step lerhh but actually not very high nia~haha im so satisfied with the things i bought today~and today i spent i think got rm300 lo~haha wanna pok kai again d~

Me and weiling shop till 9pm lerhh~haha walk till my leg so so tired while weiling is talk too much d~so she very thirsty!ying kai!xDxD wooohooo~then later she go walk walk with her 2 sister~and me..i went dinner with my brother and his gf~ After dinner then i go home d~

Some things that i bought today~ =]