Monday, December 28, 2009

Wei Ling Pre 19th Birthday Celebration! it's a SUPER BIG surprise huh, wei ling? =D

Wei Ling, had fun today? I'm sure you do! haha do always remember that we love u even you are far far away from us! You must have a great one at UK on the actual date k? haha and let me see how you celebrate it! i don't care~ walalala!

Skipped lecture to Queensbay just to buy our beloved Wei Ling's birthday present! Bought a dress for her at Kitschen! Hope you like it =D We went Azuma for our lunch! we are all STARVING that time! and guess what? we went Yataimura 1st but then..the service there sucks! took them long time to serve and take orders after we called them for a few times. Finally, we decided to walk out and headed to Azuma! LOL Azuma is much better! i LOVE Azuma !!

I'm thinking what to order! =D
♥ Chyi Jiun and me! ♥
Chyi Jiun, the yeng one.Si Zen, Evelyn, Wendy
I LOVE THIS! yummy!
Chyi Jiun's
Evelyn'sOur dessert! it used to be green tea ice cream!
i prefer green tea one!She wore this dress given by us to Rasa Sayang the next 2 days!
We headed to Sam's place at 6pm to get ready for the surprises! We hide in his room when Wei Ling reached his house! and we totally surprise her! maybe she never know that we will celebrate her birthday THAT early for her! her actual birthday date is on 28th January and she will be in UK that time! so..we planned this surprise for her. Most of us from hun mei attended the party except for wenmin and leeming. anyway, Happy Birthday in advance my beloved best friend, Wei Ling! =D
By the way, Thanks Sam for almost everything that night! haha

my girlfriends! I love Hun Mei. BFF, girls!
my bff! love u!Steamboat prepared by Sam and his family =]
*Will upload more pictures when i get them! =D

Belated Christmas Party =D

Pot bless + Belated Christmas Party at Golden View with Nicole, Zhu Lian, Tiffany, Veryn, Sok Wah, Vennezia, Yee Hui, Samuel, Fu Sheng, Kelvin and Kok Foo them @ 27-1-2009. Reach there around 8pm and back around 12am. Thanks for fetching me there and back, Kelvin =D

The Presents! =D
Nicole me and Zhu Lian ZhuLian, me, Kelvin and Nicole =D
When they are exchanging presents =]
taa-daa! presents!
Girls thereFoods..
Nice huh? i like the snowflakes! =D
FuSheng, Nicole, Samuel

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Party @ Golden View

Our Christmas Presents! =P

Had apartment stay with Evelyn, Wendy, Shan Hui, Ee Nee, Fu Sheng, Kelvin, Thomas and Kok Chun.
It's fun celebrating with them. them so much. mwahs

We played the police and the thief, a dare game there and also pizza for dinner! yummy! We went Gurney for the countdown.
It was pack with lots of people, but it's still not as fun as the previous year... so we just walk back to Golden View as it was too boring and hot there! haha

Back to our room and start to play another game suggested by Mr. Tan Fu Sheng! The penalty for losing the game are to drink a mouthful of Heineken!
Some people got drunk, you know who you are! hahaha
We planned to go to the beach but FAILED! we planned to go to see sunrise and go dim sum for our breakfast but also FAILED!
know why? 1st, drunk and 2nd we sleep like a pig! DOWN!

We went canoe on 25th !
so fun! it was my 1st time canoeing with my friends!
we row till Paradise! see how keat are we! *proud* haha
Back home later. so tiring yet fun!

Merry Christmas everyone! =D

I LIKE THIS! crazy us! =D
Us in the room, don't know doing what!
What are we looking at? hmmm
Kelvin + Wendy = PERFECT COUPLE! haha
CHILL!!! * when both of you see this! I'm just joking! HAHA
The Pig, Fu Sheng and me =D
This girl trying to act 'growth up' by promoting Heineken!
I LIKE this! see Fu Sheng's expression! haha We are the BLUE team! haha
Thomas and Ee Nee. so yeng!
Fu Sheng, you are so lucky! tsk!
See, guys can be CRAZY sometimes!
GIRLS *loves*
Kok Chun and his tam chiak face!! =D
Who took this? hmmm
Evelyn, Kok Chun and me
Evelyn and me
Evely, Shan Hui and Wendy
Kok Chun and me