Saturday, September 24, 2011

Par..Par.. Party Everyday! =P

It's Arthur's Day!
Guinness Stout, Taio Cruz, Miss Nina, PARTYYYYY =D
Melissa & i went there unprepared,
last min plan, VERY

Just let the pictures do the saying =P

 Melissa! ♥
 part of us who went that night
 Calvin & Wils

 ♥??? so gay! 
 i don't wanna take picture!!! 
*block block*
 ♥ this very much! haha
so yeng =P
 It's Arthur's Day! =D
 The guys
 Taio Cruz in the BIG BIG screen! =)

Khai Howe's Birthday!
@ Italiannies 

 The Birthday Boy
 Khai Howe, Sheng Kai & me!

 *thumbs up*
strawberry shake
 Meal of the day

 All of us =D
 Cheese is LOVE!

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